Motisons Jewellers, Jaipur

An example of a highly challenging job, with the height of 120 feet, this is only building of its kind in Asia. It is an exceptionally creative project which can be seen at Jaipur, exclusively made for Motisons Jewellers by us. The colorful petals attract the eyes of the people due to a mesmerizing sight.

Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi

An eye-catching creativity of Poly Fibre® World, this structure completed with 30-feet pillars and jali can be seen at Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi. The combo of pillars and elevations mark a perfect space for ventilation. Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer as a base material, we manufacture best quality customized products to provide a long-lasting pleasurable experience for the customers.

The Royal Tree Banquet Hall, Hapur

The glimpse of our elegant work can also be seen at The Royal Tree Banquet Hall, Hapur. The detailed engravings give the structure a royal and decent look. The jali ventilation further enhances the aesthetics of the building by adding a traditional touch to it. Moreover, the white color symbolizes elegance itself. For this project, we used pillars, jali, canopy, cornice, tower and moulding, all made with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer.

Western Court, Janpath, New Delhi

A government project by CPWD, this department is the finest work of art by Poly Fibre® World, which can be seen at Western Court, Janpath, New Delhi. The jali elevations gave a great space for the ventilation as well as give it a glorious look with superior strength. Additionally, the matching color soothes the aura. The design is finished by using jali, cornice and moulding, made with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer.

Sanskar Jyoti School, Gurugram

An impressive project by Poly Fibre® World, which can be seen at Sanskar Jyoti School, Gurugram. The school’s structure is known for its distinctive and royal look due to our designers’ excellent efforts. Perfect canopy and pillar jobs enhance its appearance. The window canopy and pillars are also made of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer, installed at heights ranging from 10-30 feet for this glamorous building.