Inspired by the sacred-tree flower’s eminence, Micaso is a Gazebo with natural, stylish appearance. It converts a piece of open space into a magnificent sight and often attracts visitors instantly. With a single look, people would want to stand beside Micaso and take a picture of this structure of art.

  • Royal Kingdom Banquet, Near Chuka Lake, Pilibhit
  • Size Available: 4 x 4 Meter, Square


With a soothing look to our eyes, our Rubens Gazebo is designed with an intent to provide you with a sense of royalty. This ancient light-colored hexagonal shade was common in front of kingdom palaces, for thousands of years. The sunlight is absorbed by the lighter exterior tones which keeps a pleasant ambiance for the users.

  • KW Srishti, Ghaziabad
  • Size Available: 4 x 4 Meter, Hexagonal


A simple but marvelous structure for a family to dine and spend time together, this Gazebo uses a minimal use of base material with extraordinary resilience and toughness to withstand. The contrast of the top is beautifully thought and worked to keep up with the rest of the structure. Rafaello is an inviting space that draws your attention all year around.

  • Hosur, Banglore
  • Size Available: 4 x 4 Meter, Hexagonal


Inspired by the Maulsari Flower of India, Aurum adapts in any environment with ease and pleases anyone who comes across. Its majestic architecture upgrades your garden and adds a unique spot to rejuvenate throughout the day. This covered structure is often used as an elegant lounge with a rocking chair.

  • Preet Vihar, New Delhi
  • Size Available: 3 x 3 Meter, Hexagonal


With Toledo, we preserved the tradition and integrated this small-sized Gazebo with an ancient and sleek design. It looks portable, but it spreads an intense vibe to re-energize with its quality outlook. It can also be used to install a sculpture or a decorative piece of art as shown in the picture.

  • Ace Tech Exhibition, Pragati Maidan
  • Size Available: 2.5 x 2.5 Meter, Square


This Gazebo seems like a pavilion and is very easy to maneuver. It enhances the aesthetic of the ambience by being in it. This Gazebo is made up of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer. The brown color symbolizes vigor, constancy, and freshness and white color exemplify purity, calmness and positive connotation.

  • Residential Project, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 4.5 x 4.5 Meter, Square


With Vienna in our collection, we added the option of a Gazebo which provides a decent amount of space. Our exclusive design, Vienna, is an innovation of a conventional Gazebo with expanded capacity for multiple members for a pleasurable and restful experience. Vienna can be a dining area or a focal point near a swimming pool.

  • Paras Irene, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 9 x 4 Meter, Rectangular


Burgel is our unique and a distinctive design in the history of Gazebos. The four robust pillars give the maximum space to set the furniture as per your needs. Without the walls, to make a convenient access from any direction, the hut-shaped sloped wooden appearance paves way for an excellent circulation of air.

  • Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
  • Size Available: 5 x 4 Meter, Rectangular


The Tuscany model from our collection is renowned for its simple, natural and wood-like appearance. This squared-shaped unwalled Gazebo can be installed as per vastu-shastra and represents a contemporary alternative to make any surface pretty. Tuscany can be your personalized space for conversations or a quiet spot to soothe your mind with your partner.

  • Krish Group, Bhiwadi
  • Size available: 4 x 4 Meter, Square


This cubical shaped Gazebo, with floral design stencil, attracts the eyes of a large number of people. Its monumental structure gives it a decent look. It is best suited for romantic dates, candlelight dinner and helps in maintaining the privacy. Its pointed rooftop helps the people to spot it from a long ahead.

  • Tata Gateway, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 2.5 x 2.5 Meter, Square


This type of Gazebo is used for outdoor decorative purposes and sometimes to give a separate space in the house for dining or playing. Air-conditioning can also be installed with its enclosed design. It can be used in the lawns and terraces as well. The walls of this Gazebo are made up of glass which gives the leisure to feel the phenomenal ambience, especially at night.

  • Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
  • Size Available: 4.5 x 3.5 Meter, Rectangular


This Gazebo is known for its antique and simple pyramid design. The eight pillars highlight the toughness of the Gazebo and its square shaped appearance paves way for an excellent air circulation as well as air-conditioning option with glass enclosures. It is suited for the backyard and courtyard. It appears to be rusty but is actually made up of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer.

  • Godrej Summit, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 3 x 3 Meter, Square


A lovely Gazebo with a top, useful for fancy stalls and shops in malls and exhibitions. With a wooden appearance, it is a simple but appealing Gazebo which is made of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer like most of our products. It provides a contemporary advantage to the courtyard. This type of Gazebo provides an intimate space for quite conversations

  • KW Delhi 6, Ghaziabad
  • Size Available: 2.5 x 2.5 Meter, Square


This Gazebo enriches the atmosphere and gives an enjoyable and leisurely experience as a pool covering. It is an innovatively designed Gazebo, which provides a decent amount of space with a shade of thick slab. It is a symmetric design Gazebo, which provides a deep luxurious space for relaxing.

  • Tata Primanti, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 7 x 3 meter, Rectangular


The ceiling of this Gazebo is lighted, giving the area a slanted outlook. This type of Gazebo is best for spending the evening in a soothing environment. Its symmetric structure emphasizes on rigidness, thus making it vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. This type of Gazebo can be added to a garden as an ornament, to admire it even from far.

  • Tata Primanti, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 4 x 4 Meter, Square


This dome shaped Gazebo is an attempt to relive our great Indian culture. This ancient engravings dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It takes a lot of time, effort and backbreaking work to do such detailed inscriptions on the structure made up of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer. Such antique engravings help to bind us with our ancient civilization.

  • Masjid Al Fatima, Edmonton, Canada
  • Size Available: 3 x 8 Meter, Round


A majestic light colored Gazebo with a squared conical top and maximum space underneath to set up a spacious sitting area to relax. It can also be used alongside a swimming pool to enhance the overall look of the surroundings. The Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer material is extremely rigid, lightweight and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions with no damage.

  • Tata Primanti, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 3 x 3 Meter, Square


A soothing masterpiece from our collection, Melodica turns a piece of land into a scenery. With its installation, people are immediately attracted to take pictures alongside this wonder. You can easily place a set of chairs if required, as the spellbinding beauty of this Gazebo is something to admire.

  • Godrej Frontier, Gurugram
  • Size Available: 6 x 4 Meter, Rectangular


Make the most of your outdoor lounge area by adding a touch of old world charm of Eliza – An extraordinary outdoor passage style Gazebo. Crafted with a decorative and classy look this Gazebo features a vintage look that catches every onlookers fancy. The well-proportioned and inviting structure of Eliza doubles as an area where guests can come together and strike conversations. The quality, appeal and sturdiness of this Gazebo ensures your satisfaction and that of your guests.

  • Size Available: 6 x 6 Meter, Hexagonal


The Balcony is an area where people gather to relax. The Capacious Gazebo makes for an attractive shelter that casts a mellow shade and creates an ambience of privacy and security in your Balcony. Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer structure retain colour under rain and shine. The wide lined design is the ideal addition to your Balcony.

  • Size Available: 3 x 3 Meter, Square


Be close to nature, but stay cocooned from its elements with the Twilight Gazebo. It is an elegant structure constructed with a durable Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer rust averse, corrosion resistant and chip resistant. It is the perfect addition to your garden, to entertain or have your favourite cuppa of tea on a winter morning.

  • Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi
  • Size Available: 4 x 3 Meter, Rectangular


FibreGlass Gazebo

Our skilfully crafted FibreGlass Gazebo is a must have to add on to the elegance of your residential or commercial property. It enhances the visual appeal of your roof top gardens or lawns or any other place you desire it for. This highly durable Poly Fibre Gazebo is completely built using fibre glass and is ideal for all weather conditions. With an endeavour to have your choice of Gazebo delivered at your destination, we have in place extended delivery network to meet your needs.
We offer you a whole colour platter of FibreGlass Gazebo to choose from. Irrespective of the colour of the Gazebo chosen by you, we assure you that the paint can easily be washed and stays intact without any fading or discolouring issues. This waterproof Gazebo is extremely strong and durable. Make it all the more durable by dusting it thoroughly thereby improvising its longevity. They are made strong enough to be put through stress and dropped away but still not break.
The Poly Fibre Gazebo is known for their resistance towards light weight, water (salty too) and moisture. This unbreakable Gazebo stands strong against the attack of borer, termite and fungus as well. This ideal Gazebo for your place is further resistant to chemicals and mild acid that make it the choice of not one but all.
FRP Gazebo
We are indulged in creating FRP (Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer) Gazebo that supersedes the other Gazebos made from conventional materials such as wood, steel and aluminium. FRP Gazebo is sturdy in construction with high tensile strength and dimensional accuracy. Placing one in garden areas or public places or any other outdoor location is an addition to the overall appealing design of the space.
The low maintenance of this superior appearance GFRP Gazebo makes it a much sought for product in the respective market. The quality assured high standard FRP Gazebo provided by us is lighter but stronger in nature that is made available at your choice of destination. Its durability and ease of installation comes as a saviour for those who are short on time and money both. The attractive and graceful GFRP Gazebo (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) best crafted to suit your needs is available in a variety of unique and attractive designs.
Their resistance towards corrosion, impact and weather make them well appreciated for among the customers. Further, they are low in thermal as well as electrical conductivity that are an ideal safety feature for a Gazebo placed within human reach. The UV coating on top of all not only makes it more durable but adds on to the aesthetics of the same and is definitely a treat for your eyes.
Gazebo India
When it comes to enjoying in your garden on sunny days, the ideal resort happens to be a stylishly designed Gazebo. How about placing a good looking Gazebo in the outer space of your home that is pleasing to your eyes and protects you from heat and Sun too? Sounds great!! We have a diverse range of Gazebo India options available with us that can be easily customized as per your taste and preferences. Decide from among the numerous activities that can be enjoyed under this striking roof that adds elegance to your space.
With a fully independent manufacturing unit, our core strength lies in crafting high quality infrastructural products like Gazebos, Pergolas and more. You can choose to buy Gazebo online India from our website at your convenience. The Gazebos are unique and idiosyncratic created using UV stabilized isophthalic and fire retardant certified raw material that makes them safe and long lasting too. Our team is proficient in developing best Gazebo India that is comfortably delivered at your doorsteps.
We are enthused to work towards delivering excellence in terms of ensuring exactness and distinction in every product created and delivered by us. Buy Gazebo online India where the sturdiness of the products is checked beforehand to avoid any issues that might arise at a later stage.
Gazebo Near Me
If the decision is final then you need not even step out of your premises. Just proceed ahead with buying your choice of Gazebo from our online platform where every product is the result of our expert craftsmen’s creativity and innovation. It is easy once you start your search for Gazebo near me and we come to your rescue. With a long list of prestigious clients in our kitty, we are always instrumental in bringing to you the best of Gazebos at affordable prices. Who doesn’t want to look out for options of Gazebo sales near me that further offers warranty of their products? We all do!! Poly Fibre World is the ideal place where your search for the perfect Gazebo finds the right results.
Finding the right platform for Gazebo near me options is half task done. Adding to it is the choice of the right source from where to decide the final product. With us around, we answer to your queries related to Gazebos and Gazebo sales near me focusing on timely delivery of world class products at competitive rates. We are known for offering customized designs to suit your exterior space that is sure to enhance the overall ambiance of your premises.